About The Idea Behind SteemVerify:

SteemVerify came out of the need to allow people to identify themselves without giving up their identity on SteemIt. We feel the need for clear transparency of who is behind their posts as it adds to the value of the SteemIt network and community as whole.

You can read our original introduction post here. This is a soft-verification model. We use the same techniques that Steem Cleaners team use to verify original content creators. This service simply provides an option for people not wishing to put their personal details on the block chain in such a manner.

It can also serve as a repository for the usernames of individuals who've taken the time to verify.
The evidence required to verify will depend on the claims being made by the steemit user. Verification can take place through photos (The old photo-holding-a-sign), or through disclosure of a personal website, blog, or shout outs on social media accounts. This is nothing new. The only new addition are badges, that can be a quick and fun indicator to tell if a user has been verified.

It also allows users to be proactive about verification before they can be accused of fraud, which can be very unsettling to new users.You can think of as the ‘trust leg’ as explain in this diagram:

This service is not to replace good judgement.

Yet, a seal-of-approval from trusted community members can make the difference between healthy pseudo-anonymous verification process and a witch hunt. Keeping a database of verified users, either on the block chain or off will curtail repeated (and aggressive) requests for verification. A lot has been written about this so you can start with these:

Steemcleaners report

Reneenouveau talks about verification issue’s here.


How long does it take to turn it around?

We typically turn it around in 24 hours to 48 hours or less.

How much does it cost?

Currently it costs 3 SBD.

Do you keep all the information we send you?

In the spirit of anonymity we do NOT hold on to any of your information.

What is the method you use to secure our ID?

We are using a program open-stego to 'encode' a text file to each picture, if there is a questionable badge (someone not on the list, etc) each image can be checked. A copy-pasted badge will have another user's name or no text file at all.

A badge can be requested by a user. Well known users won’t need a badge, but people who are asked to provide verification when they first sign up can benefit from getting privately verified.
We have a verification page of all users on our website.

What about if I want to sell my account how do I transfer ownership? Or, someone sells an account how do we know if they are real?

If you feel comfortable with the person behind the account as being real you can give them your special badge code.  As for the second part of the question if you feel ( as a user ) the person behind the badge isn’t who they are we can ask them to present their code and if they don’t know they will have to take it down and re-apply.

Why should I use your service?

Verification can up your post value. People will feel comfortable with upvoting your posts knowing there is a real human being the post and account.

Can I get rejected and if so can I get a refund?

Yes, we have full rights not to accept your application. You'll be refunded your SBD/Steem upon this happening.

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